Student Information System (SIS) Integration

SIS Integration

eLumen’s SIS integration suite is comprised of three major components today:

1. Data Delegation Service:

The Data Delegation Service allows eLumen to delegate the management of certain sets of data to an external system. In other words, eLumen periodically fetches the data from the source (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for example).

eLumen calls APIs on PeopleSoft that were specifically built to return various sets of lookup data. These lookups are used directly in the eLumen Course Workflow, and are based on Swagger specifications designed by eLumen.

There are no modules pre-built for code-less inclusion by future integrators at this time. The following enumeration describes the objects that are currently supported:


The /GetReference/* API endpoints define the APIs the institution must build for the Data Delegation Service to access the objects in the remote system.

2. eLumen Curriculum API:

Our APIs allow external systems to take action on our platform at will - the capabilities are currently limited to retrieval (GET list OR by id), whereas future capabilities will include read and write (POST, PUT, DELETE) operations.

A client can call an API on eLumen to retrieve Course information (/fullcourses GET) both in real-time (ad hoc) as well as a nightly batch reconciliation operation (safety-net to avoid synchronization drift.)

The /fullcourses API endpoint is live, the rest are under proposal.

3. eLumen Course Workflow validation & save:

eLumen calls an API on PeopleSoft to validate the course workflow, and then to save it to the SIS.

The /CourseOperation API endpoint defines the API the institution must build for the eLumen Course Workflow validation to work.