eLumen API Specifications

LIVE Self-Service API Specifications:

eLumen's APIs are designed to enable self-service access to data within the eLumen platform specifically by customers and/or other campus applications on behalf of the institution. The API endpoints themselves are logically segmented into product domains in the documentation (Curriculum, Assessment, and Student Pathways), though the endpoints each live at root ('/'). Please find information on available APIs below:

Proposed API Specifications:

eLumen is always building new APIs to extend the existing and new capabilities of the platform to integrated applications. Several APIs are in development now, and will be available within the next several months:

3rd-Party Integration Specifications:

eLumen can integrate with external systems by pulling data from those systems into eLumen (Subject, Campus, etc.), and pushing data from eLumen into those systems (Course, etc.). For this to work, the service built by institutions must adhere to these specifications as defined. eLumen will call the API on the external system to retrieve the data. Please find the specifications below to inform the planning of your API development:

Keep checking back - more APIs are being built right now!